Saturday, January 31, 2015

Poem: Machu Picchu By Yesenia Guerra

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Machu Picchu

Riding on the wings
of a condor,
I returned home
to lush
to this mountain retreat
I surrender.
The sundial marking the time
Inti showing only
a reflection on the Earth
Practicing the same ritual
of being a priestess
since birth.
Fortress of agricultural riches
Rainbow present at the marriage
of the sun and the moon
Stars aligned

as the calendar predicted.
The birds sing the chorus
while the Urumbamba river
keeps the beat
cloudy mountain mist
the perfect backdrop.
Chewing on the coca
Pachamama’s blessing
Overseeing the ceremony
for them to be wed
Inca adorned in royalty red
Puma at his feet
protecting the ruler’s seat
Snake rising above the ground
The Andean cross trinity
The sun and moon
united for infinity
Machu Picchu
the remnant of a
civilization’s divinity.


Yesenia Guerra is enamored by language. She is a passionate poet and teacher living in New Jersey. Her blog can be found @

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