Sunday, March 1, 2015

NYC Monday Night Open Mic @ The Parkside Lounge - Music, Poetry, Comedy, Spoken Word

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NYC's hottest open mic in one of NYC's hottest performance venues - The Inspired Word @ the newly renovated Parkside Lounge!

Age limit: 21+ (Must bring valid ID)

When: EVERY Monday Night
Where: The Parkside Lounge
317 E. Houston Street
Manhattan, New York 10002
Time: 7pm

This Monday hosted by award-winning singer/songwriter Sylvana Joyce and featuring singer/songwriter Jessica Rowboat.

Sylvana Joyce

Jessica Rowboat

Full backline. Honky-tonk piano (feel free to bring your own keyboard). Cool stage. Comfy cabaret-style seating. Cheap drinks, including the Bailout Package (shot of whisky + 22-ounce beer) for only 8$.

You can pay for tickets online via (to guarantee a slot) or at the door.

Early Bird Special:
ONLY $6 for solo performer or audience member + 2 FREE non-performer friends if you buy your ticket at least 3 days prior to event night. Limited Availability. No transfers or refunds.


Produced by the long-running Inspired Word open mic series, which has featured Grammy winners, American Idol finalists, Golden Globe Award winners, Obie Award winners, Emmy nominated actors, and HBO stars, The Inspired Word open mic is open to ALL types of performing artists - comedians, musicians, storytellers, singers, poets, fiction/nonfiction writers, playwrights, spoken word artists, performance artists, dancers.

25 slots, 7 minutes apiece for anything spoken, 8 minutes for singers/musicians (if you have backing tracks bring them on either mp3 player or smartphone).

A warm, supportive community of artists. Real crowds. And a great place to network.

This is a very popular open mic. We STRONGLY suggest you purchase a ticket in advance to guarantee a performance slot.


By Subway: Take the F to Second Avenue. Go up the 1st Avenue stairs and head East on Houston Street.

Produced by Mike Geffner Presents The Inspired Word

Sunday, February 15, 2015

War For Sale - Original Song by NYC Singer/Songwriter Jade Zabric

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Jade Zabric is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Houston who now lives in Brooklyn, New York. She is also an Air Force veteran. Her website can be found @

Why Is a Poem...? -- Poem by NYC Poet Luis "Storyteller" Cordova

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Why Is A Poem...

Why is a poem the only form of therapy we poets cling to when expressing our loss of a loved one?

As if a stanza can ever wipe my tears for the life of my daughter.
Syllables will never know the breath I would give to hear her laughter once more.

I wish I knew the answer.
The answer to why sonnets are the closest thing to a rhythm of her heartbeat.
She used to grab my fingers like pens and I would tickle her into stories for my journal.
I used to keep a journal.
I stopped once I noticed my fingers would get shaky every time I opened it.
Her eyes were either green or blue, but I'm certain it was green.
It's hard to remember when photos kissed a flame after the tragedy, and I'm looking at 6+ years without even a glance of her marble shaped eyes.

I'm afraid to fall asleep because I'm afraid of forgetting more.
Do you remember when I said her eyes were green?
She had the radiance of a horizon brown sunset no haiku could ever fathom.
What does that have to do with green?
Absolutely nothing, I just want to make sure to never forget the color that often stared at me.
Even though I'm choosing to write this in poetry form and share it with you, I'm actually doing this for me.
I happen to be one of those poets who finds comfort in the morgue of a poetry piece.
From loved ones to ideas.
Dreams and emotions.
Expectations and desires.
If the graveyard is said to be the richest place, then poetry is the one who lives in it.
We are the ones who come when rent is due.
It pays us in reminiscing on tragedies more often than laughter.
A poem is a dirty cracked mirror we can't help but use to see how we look before stepping on stage or writing on page.
And I swear, I can still see my daughter's smile when I blink for just a second longer than a tear whenever I stand in front of that very mirror.

When you read or hear a poem, remember that it is always a confession.
We admit more in poetry than we do when thinking to ourselves.
Why do you think that happens?
It's because we are too afraid to speak it aloud; we use poetry as a gateway into honesty and admittance and it's sad.

When you can know about the lost of my daughter sooner than knowing my full name.
I ask you again, why is a poem the only form of therapy we poets cling to when expressing the loss of a loved one?

Brooklyn, New York's Luis "Storyteller" Cordova is a spoken word poet who blends classical style of poetry with modern display of performance. Claiming to be the illegitimate poetic child of Maya Angelou and Walt Whitman, he says he "breathes metaphors in the ribs of personification" to bring about imagination to everyday situations.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

NYC Poetry Night @ Hauser & Wirth Art Gallery (Ozbolt Exhibition) - FREE

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The InspiredWordNYC open mic series and the Hauser & Wirth Manhattan art gallery present a poetry night on the occasion of the Djordje Ozbolt exhbition More paintings about poets and food (which is a play on the album title "More songs about buildings and food," by the Talking Heads).

Hosted by Poetry Teachers NYC founder/poet Megan DiBello.

When: Thursday, Feb. 12, 2015

Time: 7pm

Where: Hauser & Wirth
32 East 69th Street
Manhattan, NY

Doors open at 7pm, open mic begins at 7:30.

Please dress appropriately. RSVP REQUIRED for entrance into the event via

There will be refreshments and a variety of hors d'oeuvres.
Hauser & Wirth is a contemporary art gallery with locations worldwide. ‘More paintings about poets and food’ is the gallery’s first New York exhibition devoted to the internationally admired London-based artist, Djordje Ozbolt. The exhibition includes new paintings, sculptures and works on paper by the artist, and is on view at Hauser & Wirth’s 69th Street location through 21 February 2015.

Ozbolt is influenced by poetry, and incorporates stream of consciousness and free association play into his practice, while addressing varied themes of pop culture, politics, fantasy, and self-exploration. The night is a celebration and cross-pollination of art forms. Poets and spoken word artists will perform in the gallery space, surrounded by the surrealist, absurd, and humorous works of Djordje Ozbolt. Join us for an exciting evening of poetry, art, and conversation.
The Ozbolt exhbition runs from Jan. 14 to Feb. 21, 2015.

Open mic produced by Mike Geffner Presents The Inspired Word

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Artist's Life

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Poem: Machu Picchu By Yesenia Guerra

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Machu Picchu

Riding on the wings
of a condor,
I returned home
to lush
to this mountain retreat
I surrender.
The sundial marking the time
Inti showing only
a reflection on the Earth
Practicing the same ritual
of being a priestess
since birth.
Fortress of agricultural riches
Rainbow present at the marriage
of the sun and the moon
Stars aligned

as the calendar predicted.
The birds sing the chorus
while the Urumbamba river
keeps the beat
cloudy mountain mist
the perfect backdrop.
Chewing on the coca
Pachamama’s blessing
Overseeing the ceremony
for them to be wed
Inca adorned in royalty red
Puma at his feet
protecting the ruler’s seat
Snake rising above the ground
The Andean cross trinity
The sun and moon
united for infinity
Machu Picchu
the remnant of a
civilization’s divinity.


Yesenia Guerra is enamored by language. She is a passionate poet and teacher living in New Jersey. Her blog can be found @

NYC Singer/Songwriter Janna Pelle's New Song Teaser - City Life

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Janna Pelle is the love child of Tori Amos and Lady Gaga with the alter-ego of David Byrne. Her mission is to free you from being trapped in your own body.

Check out Janna's website @ and follow her on Facebook @ and Twitter @