Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Behind The Inspired Word: Testimonial by Nichole Acosta

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Behind The Inspired Word
Testimonial by Nichole Acosta

I’d like to point out first and foremost that my role as Director of Community Relations is an unpaid position. So why do I do it and what exactly do I do? Well, the fact is I love this series wholeheartedly because of what it has done for me that no other open mic series has and that is to say…it saved my life.

I have no reason whatsoever to lie to you about that because like I said this job does not afford me the privilege of eating the world’s finest caviar. But because it saved my life it makes it easier to do my job - which is to promote this series.

When I first came to an Inspired Word show, I had just gotten out of a really painful four-year relationship to say the least. I felt like shit - no, worse than shit - and the negative air around me was so thick, I couldn’t get out of bed at all some days, until I came to Inspired Word.

When you pay to get in the door you’re not being robbed or taken advantage of. You’re not being thrown into a lottery forced to listen to a few gems out of an awful bunch, hoping your number gets picked so you can play at a decent hour, if at all. You’re not forced to sit on top of one another like lobsters in a tank. You’re not asked to pay an outrageous drink minimum for a cup of ice and an ounce of alcohol. Being robbed means you get nothing in return, but here you get a whole network of artists willing to create and collaborate with you on any given night of the week, on the spot or in the future. The whole world is a lottery in one form or another so it’s comforting to know you never have to place your bets here…it’s always gonna be a great night. No one has to sit on anyone’s lap unless maybe you’re attending our monthly erotic show. GROWL. Oh and have you seen the size of that Bareburger mug?!

We’ve got discounts if you get on the mailing list and READ the newsletters and first timers who are not performing can get in free with my name at the door. Comedians can score $50 at the slam at the end of each month and poets can score $1000 plus recording studio time, and if you’re uber talented you might have the opportunity to be a part of an Inspired Word showcase show and get paid so what you pay at the door makes its way back to the artists!

Night after night I’ve watched amazingly talented people perform and exchange information to work together at a moment’s notice or in the near future. This is not a place where people should do their thing and leave. This is a place where people learn from one another and ask “How do I make my art better and can we work on something together soon?" - AND ACTUALLY MEAN IT. That’s magical! I myself met 12 epically talented individuals who after being blown away by their art and their good hearts, I decided to collaborate with for a full length show this Thursday at Sidewalk Café.

They are my family for life and the minute you walked in that door, you became a part of the Inspired Word family too! You can never have a big enough support system. Disregard any and all Nichole likes older men rumors. Mike Geffner is my mentor. Marvin Mendlinger is my crazy uncle. Nathan P is my cool wise uncle. The Ancient Mariner is my grandfather. Under 25 and over 35 need not apply. I’m gaining more and more creative brothers and sisters every time I come here. We will never take your money and not care if you ever come back because if you’re part of any real family, you will sincerely be missed if we haven’t seen you in awhile. But how fortunate we are to be able to have a family reunion and rock out together each and every week. So all I ask is that you leave the negativity and whatever preconceived notions you may have at the door and come on in. You’ll be inspired. I guarantee it.

Nichole Acosta is a poet, the founder of Epic XII, and The Inspired Word's Director of Community Relations.


  1. I love you Nichole! All is so true... Inspired word is a family like no other who really cares unconditionally about you and your growth. If you don't fit in anywhere you definitely fit with Inspired Word. This family has given me confidence beyond any other and I definitely would not be the Azúcar I am today without them. abrazitos y besitos pa' siempre!