Monday, March 24, 2014

10 Questions with...NYC Poet Aimee Herman

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Aimee Herman will be one of the featured poets in(as well as the host of) Raining Words: A Spring Poetry Extravaganza on Saturday, April 12 @ The Pomegrante Gallery, produced by 3Po3try NYC (

Herman is a performance artist, poet and teacher with an MFA in Creative Writing from Long Island University in Brooklyn, as well as a longtime Inspired Word host. She teaches at Bronx Community College and is a faculty member with Poetry Teachers NYC, offering affordable poetry workshops and creating spaces for other performers to lift their words off the page. She has been published in various journals and anthologies such as: Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics (Nightboat Books) and The Understanding Between Foxes and Light (great weather for MEDIA). Her full-length book of poems to go without blinking was published in 2012 by BlazeVOX books. She can be found wrapped in caution tape in Brooklyn or at

The following is our quick 10-question interview with Ms. Herman, who like poet e.e. cummings believes in writing all in lowercase:

What one word describes your writing style?


What's your idea of the perfect poem?

there is no such thing.

What's your best writing moment?

when the words arrive.

What's your worst writing moment?

when they forget themselves.

What time of the day do you mostly write?

all times.

What do you do to get into your writing sessions?

disembowel my brain stem, remove my clothes, eat nato with okra, masturbate, read, listen to miles davis (not necessarily in that order).

What's the weirdest place you ever wrote?

in a dungeon on a saturday surrounded by various forms of bdsm.

What's the weirdest thing you ever wrote on?

none of it's been weird. i'm just grateful that there are other things to write on besides paper. bodies. trees. buildings. bathroom doors. library books, refrigerators, on bread......

What book changed your writing forever?

blood and guts in high school by kathy acker.

What poet, dead or alive, would you like to be friends with?

tie between kathy acker and bukowski.

To purchase advance tickets to Raining Words: A Spring Poetry Extravaganza, go to

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