Friday, February 7, 2014

Poem: The Healer by Arda Itez

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The Healer

What ails you, dearest child
Can you not see why you are here?
You are not of this realm
So embrace this precious gift
What pains you sweet, sweet girl
Have you yet to find your place?
Or have you seen what lies before you?
Fear etched upon your face

Ah, but you do know
In the darkest corner of your heart
This is the path you've returned for
To complete what you've begun
As you are a guiding light
For the broken, tortured soul
A muse for their redemption
The hand for each to hold

Rise up little girl
Mind the seeds that you have sown
For mortality is fleeting
And this life is not your own.

- Arda Itez

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