Friday, May 24, 2013

The Inspired Word's 2013 1G NYC Poetry Slam - Get in the Running for $1000 in Total Prize Money!

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Get in the running for $1000 in year-end prize money!

The Inspired Word's 2013 Slam Master Jam poetry slam qualifiers will be held EVERY last Thursday of the month thru October 2013 at Bareburger in the East Village.


This is an OPEN COMPETITION for the 1st 25 poets who sign up.

Guarantee a slot with an advance payment via Eventbrite:

The winners of the 10 qualifiers will be eligible to face off in the championship finals on Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013 for $1000 in total prize money:

1st place - $500

2nd place - $200

3rd place - $100

4th place - $75

5th place - $50

6th place - $30

7th place - $25

8th place - $20

9th place – 2 free drinks

10th place – 1 free drink

Time limit escalates from 3 minutes in the first round to 4 minutes in the last two rounds.


When: EVERY last Thursday (Jan. to Oct.)

Where: Bareburger East Village

Corner of 5th Street and 2nd Avenue, 2nd floor

Manhattan, New York

Phone: (212) 510-8610

By subway, take the F train to Second Avenue and exit the 2nd Avenue side.

Time: Sign-up for the slam starts @ 7pm, slam starts 7:30.

Cover Charge: $10



25 slots, three rounds:

First round - 25 (3-minute time limit)

Second round - Top 4 (4-minute time limit)

Third round - Top 2 (4-minute time limit)

Guidelines: strict time limit each round (though there's a ten-second grace period; if the person goes over time, points will be deducted from the total score), must be original work, must be a different piece each round (so MAKE SURE you bring THREE pieces).

Of the scores the person receives from five judges, the high and low scores will be dropped and the middle three get added together, giving the person a total score of 0-30. The highest scores in each round advance.

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