Monday, November 21, 2011

Mike Geffner: Poem "Everywhere"


I was 16 when she died

A slip on blackened ice

Strangely hard, obscured

Is how it began

A broken hip bone

X-rays with a suspicious blur

A diagnosis

No one saw coming

Everywhere, the doctor said

It was everywhere

She will be dead, he said, in six months

Because it was everywhere

Except everywhere didn't understand who she was

It took three years and six months and 14 days and 4 hours and 17 minutes

To kill her

A month before my high school graduation

When I was 16

And every time I think of her

Now 40 years later

I am 16 again

And alone

And crying

Like never before, never after

The only boy I know

Without a mother.

- Mike Geffner

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  1. Beautiful poem. I especially like the moving line "But everywhere didn't understand who she was."

  2. i like your poem. i love how it is written..somehow, you are giving the reader a time to comprehend. though it is a short poem yet very inspiring and pitiful. you have the potential of being a song writer/composer and more on that, become part of performing arts industry..

  3. Powerful piece brother, I can feel the 16 year old teen grieving. I'm sure she's proud of you and what you have become.