Wednesday, August 17, 2011

CheRae Chaney: Poem "Proposal"

Proposal by CheRae Chaney

As I write by my windowsill
My mind is taken hostage by the lights that broke in.
Their continuous sights make themselves at home on my paper
Now tie dyed with the reds and greens of street lights and
The white and yellow eyes of cars.
While I hug my pillow and think of the future
My heart can’t help but sink at the reality
That this is not my home, only a three month stay.
But I want to share my poetry and learn at the University,
But my enrollment hollers at me with my commitments right behind.
But my life and I have just met and I don’t want it to be a one night stand.
I want to marry the city with all its lights and glory,
The employment, the people, and even the smell.
We all have baggage but I think your matches mine well.
Although time is not in our favor, and from what I hear
You have a track record for breaking hearts, destroying dreams,
And hazing newcomers. Well as another one of your lovers,
I want to prepare you, because you have never had me before.
Big Apple you don’t scare me!
The roar that comes from this city is loud,
But I will drown it out with a determined battle cry!
And with my quick feet I will never succumb to the city crowd.
As awkward as I may be little girl from the suburbs of VA
I’ll still greet the city slicker with a smile and a “hey”
NYC I hope your ready for me,
Because everyone said to get ready for you
And I assimilated long enough to tell that who I really am
And who you are gets along pretty well.
You have the diversity I have the worldly understanding,
You bring the lights, I’ll give you the show,
You have the rumors and I have the doubt
And together we can prove them both wrong.
But three months was not really enough time.
But I used every second to learn, every minute to grow,
Everyday to listen and every night to write.
Write by my window, in my bed hugging my pillow;
The only time I don’t challenge the city and let it take hostage my mind
While I propose with my words and get down on one knee
I ask that the love of my life, NYC
Will you marry me?

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