Saturday, April 23, 2011

Video - Poet/Musician Tai Allen @ The Inspired Word

Poet/Musician Tai Allen @ Mike Geffner Presents The Inspired Word, Thursday, 2011 @ One and One Bar/Restaurant, Nexus Lounge, Manhattan, NYC.

Allen is a poet, singer, musician, designer and multi-talented artist. His influences range from Bob Marley and Aretha Franklin to Norman Connor and Gil Scot-Heron to the Beatles and Post-Modernism. His writing and essays have appeared in Bomb Magazine, Uptown Magazine Online, the NYC Underground (France) and the Daily Challenge. Tai's chapbook, Easy Readin, and companion CD, For Easy Readin, have been featured on BET/CentricTV, Soultracks and Nu-Soul Magazine. He is the National Poetry Awards 2010 Winner for best album and was a nominee for best single.

The Inspired Word is New York City's hottest new spoken word poetry series happening every Thursday night in downtown Manhattan, produced by longtime writer/journalist and former Village Voice columnist Mike Geffner.

Videographer: Elaine Delehant


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