Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brian Dykstra, Erica Miriam Fabri with Robin Andre @ The Inspired Word's One-Year Anniversary

Performance poets and Brian Dykstra and Erica Miriam Fabri with Robin Andre @ Mike Geffner Presents The Inspired Word NYC spoken word poetry event, Thursday, Jan. 13, 2011, (Le) Poisson Rouge, Manhattan, NYC.

The Inspired Word spoken word poetry weekly series celebrated its one-year anniversary with an extravaganza that included an all-star lineup of over 20 of the best performance poets in the New York City area - Patricia Smith, Willie Perdomo, Oveous, Vanessa Hidary, Gemineye, Brian Dykstra, Ngoma, Rico Frederick, Bonafide Rojas, Joanna Hoffman, Erica Miriam Fabri with Robin Andre, Jamaal St. John, Tahani Salah, Nathan P., Osagyefo, Jane LeCroy, Simply Rob, Jane Ormerod, Thomas Fucaloro, Advocate of Wordz, and Eliel Lucero.

It was an epic night.

An unforgettable night.

The Inspired Word is New York City's hottest new poetry/spoken word series, produced by longtime writer/journalist and former Village Voice columnist Mike Geffner.

Videographer: Elaine Delehant (

Music by Oveous: Ssssssh...sexybonushit (strobelights)

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