Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ngoma - Poem "The Interrupted New Years Dream"

The Interrupted New Years Dream

standing on the edge of yesterday
searching for tomorrow
time slips away as we ponder
if the mayan calendar predictions
are an illusion
or the solution
fact is
time existed
before chronometers were invented
so we race against race
thinking jim crow was killed and buried
now it seems to act like bay bay's kids reincarnated
dipped in vanilla
not dying but multiplying at teaparties
sipping delusions of supremacy
high off of the perfumed stench of ignorance
amnesia victims with books replaced by ipods
asking to be friended
searching for HISTORY on Facebook
but THIS-STORY remembers cointel pro
and chooses to click ignore
while hanging out with Wiki-leaks
We're left without a trace
of where the truth went
baffled about who's the real enemy
always claiming the victory
stealing food from the poor to feed war machines
there are millions of lives in the balance
the news only sells you
Celebrity break ups
with sports scores
commercials for new pills
where the cure is more deadlier than the ill
hiphop that worships monsters
subliminally teaching your kids to kill

so I'm searching for Hope
but the weatherman predicts
no climate justice in the forecast
and it maybe too late for
global warming deniers to surrender
mother earth has her own agenda
though i know for a fact
weather systems can be manmade
selling stock in funeral homes and body bags
the market needs a boost
and fear is profitable this year
soon they'll poison the atmosphere
and charge the poor for air
I'll bet then you'll do much more than stop
and stare


- Ngoma


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