Friday, January 14, 2011

Major Kudos for The Inspired Word Anniversary All-Star Extravaganza!

"It has been a pleasure to work with you and be a part of your events. You have managed to pull together a wide range of poets and your shows truly depict an appreciation for the diversity of the art form. I hold you and the rest of the Inspired Word folks in very high regard. Thank you for having me as part of the anniversary. It was an honor!" - Gemineye

"it was a night of word majik." - Ngoma

"My congratulations for the extraordinary work you are doing. Long Live Inspired Word!!!" - Claudio Ivan Remeseira, Editor of Hispanic New York

"...a new home for us poets. Its been great!! I can't wait to see the amazing things you guys have planned for the future." - Tahani Salah

"Definitely wonderful." - Jessica Filion

"Last night was amazing. Essence was swimming in poetry last night. It was indeed amazing. Thomas Fucaloro "put it down" as only he can. DJ Eliel's poem about Joleen was amazingly crafted and humorous. Ngoma, ahh, like no other. Man, all of the poets rained science last night. Patricia Smith put icing on the cake so sweet, I broke out the Orajel. Happy Anniversary Inspired Word." - Cyd Charisse Fulton

"It was amazing." - Vanessa Hidary, AKA The Hebrew Mamita

"Absolutely perfection last nite! Amazing and stupendous...Congrats on the one year anniversary and continued overwhelming blessings in this 2011! Last nite was top notch!" - Ed Toney

"Great crowd, great assortment of artists, great night!" - Adriana J. Borzellino

"It was a really special night and I am honored to have been included. Congratulations on a great show." - Jane Ormerod

"If you couldn't attend, you missed a helluva show." - Maria Escribidora

"I feel like I had a seven-course meal!" - Stephanie Rogers

"The Inspired Word tonight was awesome!!!! What an amazing showcase!!!" - Yasmeen Duncan

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