Sunday, July 18, 2010

Joe Ray Sandoval, Co-Writer of New Flick "Spoken Word," Makes Special Appearance @ Inspired Word Thursday!

Joe Ray Sandoval, co-writer of the new flick "Spoken Word," featuring Ruben Blades and Kuno Becker and hitting New York City theaters this Friday, will makes a special guest appearance @ The Inspired Word on Thursday after the open mic.

Sandoval is a multimedia artist, performance poet, promoter and youth advocate from Santa Fe, NM. He received his MFA in poetry, film and media studies from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. He has taught creative writing workshops in both the public and private sectors as a member of WritersCorps in Washington DC as well as independently and with Santa Fe Art Works in New Mexico.

His poetry reading series, Poetry Allowed, culminated in a feature length documentary of the same name, which he produced and co-directed and has been selected for several film festivals. He also wrote, directed and produced the short films The Matador and The Hitman.

Sandoval also co-founded ChicanoBuilt, a locally based company created as a vehicle to inspire, celebrate, and reclaim modern Chicano culture through, art, music, fashion and poetry. His work has been published, seen and performed from coast to coast and in Caracas, Venezuela.

Here is one of Sandoval's poems, as featured in the film.

I Want to Get Shot

I want to get shot
And die a noble death
I want to get shot saving someone's life
I want to get shot so that I can go to the hostpital and detox
With a noble causeof course

I want to get shot so that I can rest
Take time away from it all
My body can't afford my lifestyle anymore
I want to get shot so that my pain becomes real

I want to see how many people really like me
I want to smell your flowers
See my name in writing
I want to gwt shot because its quick and painful
I've had a good life, Few regrets
I just want a good scar to remind me how lucky I am
I'd like to wake up tomorrow with a different poem to write

The poem about my life
Is worth the words I write
I know I am going to die
But death has to find me
And until death finds me
Its my life
What am I going to do?
I don't know
As long as I don't get shot

"I Want to Get Shot," by Joe Ray Sandoval, from SUCKERPUNCH. Copyright 2003.

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