Sunday, June 27, 2010

Poem: Jani Rose's Soñamos y Lucharemos

Soñamos y Lucharemos

we are



descendants of the hopeful and the practical whose

dreams tacked down the uneven path for who we are today

leaving all that they knew to follow a dream into the unknown

from barro to concrete

children of the the juanitas, marias y jaimes

left to stand in stead for their honor

crushed by an opportunistic system that then pointed at them

as an example of inferiority and cultural failure

we are



those who stomp statistics

break cycles

rework identity

live outloud

because we write

we write scrawling while blazing new paths

from the bx, to manhattan, to the bk, out into queens and alllllll the way to staten island,

we are more than enough

we are



the fruition of the hard work of the the piraguero, the frutero, the seamstress half blind yet peering into the future

told to give up while reaching out with yearning hands and hearts


hasta en la luna

we live out our dreams

no longer allowing ourselves to be seen as an invisible mass

allowing self love to wash away the doubt

taking 10 steps forward

each one taking position

using all of the best in us that our heritage has to offer

because we are all


a renaissance is upon us

we live in a spirit of unity that pushes past all who come against us

we hold onto to one another

grab on tight in familial faith and love

raise each other up in the spirit of progress

y lucharemos


our voices harmonize


powered by the silent primal screams of our elders

we are those who rise up on behalf of those

who took 3 steps forward and were pushed 5 steps back

we dance 10 steps forward

we are the vanguard

with every generation separated from patria we lose words

but are blessed with a new identity

a language birthed in Nuyorico

shouted out into the world

y con eso

vamos pa'lante

sin pena

- Jani Rose

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