Monday, April 26, 2010

Ngoma - "A Poem to the Sister Who Said She Wanted to Write a Poem with Me"

A Poem to the Sister Who Said She Wanted to Write a Poem with Me

I thought about writing a poem with you
but I was afraid it would be so hot and sexy
that I would have to fuck you
It would be so good to you
that you might get addicted and think we should get married
and I've been there,done that twice
realize it's not for me
so then I'd have to kill you
basically I'm non violent
which basically means I'd have to love you to death
and I'm twice your age
so I'm trying to forget the idea
I'm riding the A Train on a sunday afternoon
looking for poetry
the gypsy woman across the aisle nods 3 times
our third eyes connect like some past and future shit
at the same time
gibberish was all that she spoke
only her smile was translatable
now I find myself wondering if I should just forget
or just chalk it up to a twilight zone moment
I prod my muse with cannabis and Brooklyn Lager
trying to squeeze verse from my pen
my lover says I'm sexist and only write about
women's pain and sex lives
I consult my feminine side
She's seeking psychiatric help thinking she's a slut
maybe that's why her pain works well on paper
actually,women hold power between their legs
that men would kill for
these secrets be written in scriptures between the lines
we only read the king james version
what was he to know
free sex was illegal
the ankh of life replaced by the cross
blocking third eyes forever
to those enslaved by time

- Ngoma
© November 11, 1999 a.d.

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